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10+ Pregnant Guest Wedding Dresses Ideas


10+ Pregnant Guest Wedding Dresses Ideas. Your best friend’s wedding is just around the corner. When she broke the news of her engagement to you there was nothing that excited you more than the idea of her wedding. You spent the whole night looking at designer gowns for her to wear on her big day. And the following two weeks were spent visiting bridal shops; local and international so that she could be the most beautiful bride to ever walk down the aisle. After ensuring that everything your friend needed and didn’t need on her day was set, you decided it was time the two of you hit the town again to look for a glamorous dress for you. Well, you are not her maid of honor because you don’t have a partner yet and the idea of being a bridesmaid is out of the question.

10+ Pregnant Guest Wedding Dresses Ideas.
You have never been a bridesmaid. You hate wearing a dress that’s similar to 10 other ladies. You love standing out. You were supposed to be the maid of honor in her wedding and she in yours; according to your teenage future plans but she decided to get married before you even got a boyfriend to play the best man. But you aren’t mad at her because this means you get to take endless selfies of you and your beautiful dress without anyone calling you a manner-less bridesmaid or maid of honor.

Your dress has to be exceptionally beautiful. It has to be unique. You want to be the 2nd person people spot after the bride. Or maybe the 3rd; 1st should be the bride, 2nd the groom and the 3rd person; you. Your friend- the bride to be- knows this and is ready to set apart the next 2 weeks for your dress search tour.

3 days to the tour you fall sick and call your personal doctor who books you an appointment. Good news and not-good-or-not-bad news depending on you; Good news is you are perfectly healthy and not-good-or-not-bad news is you are pregnant! Almost 2 months pregnant. And the first thing that comes to your mind when your doctor tells you this is; Oh My God! I will never find a dress for my best friend’s wedding! Because you realize that you will be 7 months pregnant on the wedding day!

You decide not to call your friend, drive home with your soul crashed and sad because you will look like a normal pregnant woman on your friend’s wedding. You decide to consult your friend the internet before giving up and that’s when you land on our page and find all these amazing dresses that you can wear to your friend’s wedding and be the most outstanding pregnant woman to ever attend a wedding! And now you can’t stop grinning at how spoilt for choice you are!









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