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23+ unique inspiration nail designs for all seasons


New Nail Designs for all seasons

Nail art is growing in popularity. Fancy artworks and beautiful designs are drawn on the nails to make them look gorgeous. For aspiring nail artists, it is quite hard to come up with new designs to try out on their nails. The spring season is a celebration of colors which makes it the best form of inspiration for nail art. That is why; we bring to you 23 unique nail designs for the king of all seasons- spring.

inspiration nail designs

For this design, at first, apply a base coat to help protect your nails. Then, apply the base shade of a light green or blue color. Afterward, draw tiny flowers with a vibrant nail color like pink, orange or red and add details of leaves by using green nail polish. This nail art is perfect for the spring season.

This nail art is fancy and elegant at the same time. Start off by applying a base coat and then a sky blue nail color on the index, middle and little finger. Then, on the remaining two fingers, give a coat of navy blue nail polish. Draw flowers with a nail art brush and there you have it!

This sassy matte finish nail art is surely going to get you some attention. Apply a protective base coat and then a coat of matte, nude colored nail polish. Draw geometrical shapes on the ring finger with white color and you’ll have the final product.

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