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44 So Sassy Pastel Nails Designs and colors


Fall is soon to arrive and pastel colors are ideal for Fall. Soft and cool pastel colors are an excellent choice if you want to achieve an adorable chic look in spring among all your friends. You can choose from palette of pretty pastel colors and achieve pastel nails designs in simply one color on both of your hands such as – sea green, baby pink, sky blue, etc. To add oomph to your pastel designs, you can always add some glitters, rhinestones, pearls and other cute accessories that make your nails look more beautiful and grab other’s attention interestingly wherever you go.

Pastel nails designs are so easy and interesting to do that you can even carry out them at your home. The sweet, soft pastel designs gives you spectacular results and create long lasting impact on other people’s mind when worn with full confidence.

Web pastel designs are fun to do and give you a unique look. It’s impossible to believe that others won’t notice this fabulous nail design when you go for some theme-based party.

To achieve this design, simply color the base with light color and using nail art tools draw a complicated web design on each finger with light pastel shades for an outstanding look.

Pastel Nails Designs (12).url

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