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Beautiful Nail Designs Gradient American Manicure

25 of the Most Beautiful Nail Designs that Look Good on Anyone

If you’re bored of the same old French manicure, get inspired by one of the 25 most beautiful nail designs in this article.

Feel free to mix and match any element of these designs. Gem accent nails can be added to any manicure. If a sparkling topcoat isn’t blingtastic enough, try a holographic topcoat on top of your chosen nail color to create your own unique interpretation of these stunning ideas.

Sparkling Nude Gradient American Manicure

Beautiful Nail Designs

This beautiful nail art option is the perfect sparkly neutral shade that you want for any time of the year. The look is easy to achieve by using a sponge and two neutral shades. Paint on a stripe of brown with a stripe of tan or sand on the bottom. Gently dab the sponge on each nail, and top with a glittery overcoat.

Rhinestone Accent Nail Design

For a simple design, this combination of two colors and a bright rhinestone nail is perfect for standing out from the crowd. You can easily get the look by combining two complementing colors like this light pink and lavender purple. Add a rhinestone nail for a break in the color to create shiny nail art that people will be gushing about.

Nude Gradient Manicure with Gem Accent

Gradient nails are a great idea for many reasons. This look is extremely to get for yourself by adding a few stripes of color to the sponge, dabbing it on your nails, and top with a clear coat to seal in color. You can even add a few gemstones to the base of your accent nail to create a unique look.

Pink with Sparkle Accent

Pink is such a beautiful color no matter the season, and the lighter the pink, the cuter the nail air. This look is gorgeous with the smooth light pink and the glitter nail lacquer to create an accent nail on either hand. Seal both the light pink and the glitter polish with a clear coat in either glossy or a matter for a gorgeous look any time of the year.

Grey and White Gradient Manicure

A white and bright nail look is perfect for special events like weddings, proms, or parties. The gradient look is perfect with the white and light grey from the base of the nail to the tip of the nail. You can add a glittery accent nail and top the nail look with glossy finish.

Nude with Pearl Accent

Neutral shades are perfect for any season, and this look is no exception. The light pink shade is easily complemented by the glossy top coat and the pearlescent accent nails on either hand. This look is easy to DIY at home, or you can take the idea to your nail artists. The best part about these light and pearlescent options is the ease with which you can wear them for any event or any season.

Black with Gold Sparkle Tip

If you want something bold for your nails, either for an event or just for fun, this black and gold nail look is the perfect option. The matte black background is easily complemented with the gold glitter tips and accent nail on either hand. You can seal in the gold glitter with a matte or a glossy top coat.

Holographic French Tip Black Design

This neutral tan shade is beautiful for the fall and winter months. The nails are a coffin shape that is highlighted by the tan shade and glossy finish. The nails are accented with a glittery addition to the accent nails. One nail has an exposed top, while the other is covered in a coppery glitter.

This super twist on a French tip design is easy to accomplish for your look. The bottom portion of the nail is a black stripe, while the tip of the nail is painted with a holographic blue shade that truly stands out. The two colors are separated by a dark gray stripe, and the top coat is glossy for that coveted shine.

Sparkly Nude Coffin Shape Manicure

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