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Best Collection of Long Nail Designs


What can make modern fashion women happy? Most of you will confidently say “A good manicure!” Surprise? Don`t think so! An ideal nail art design is a universal way to please all ladies in all circumstances, and cheer them up in spite of different difficulties! The variety of nail art designs is really impressive! It`s possible to create everything you want, choose the size and the length you would like your nails to be. But nobody will argue that nowadays long nails are the most popular!

Long Nail Designs
Long Nail Designs

Long nail designs are numerous and varied! All possible ideas of nail art designs can be applied to long nails! Need a manicure for the party? Choose a long nail design with bright colors, glitters, crystals or 3d décor. Are you interviewing for a new position in a prestigious firm? Long nail designs with nude or pastel colors are your choice! If you have strong and healthy nails, you`ll not experience difficulties with long nail designs! Otherwise, long nail designs can be easily done with the help of gel or acryl.

However, the long nails are considered to be in a love hate relationship! There are a lot of advantages of long nails! Long nails are the most suitable for creating various nail art designs because you have much more free space on the nail plate. It`s easy to create all possible shapes on long nails. Want round, oval or almond nails? Just cut off the edges of your nails! Prefer square, squoval or coffin shape? It`s not a problem: use the nail file! Are you a fan of stiletto nails? There is nothing better than long pointy nails! Unfortunately, some women claim that long nails are a bad idea, `cause they are getting dirty, braking, snagging and look unhygienic. It`s also hard to use different gadgets or work with extremely long nails! However, good nail hygiene does exist! So if you want to have long nail designs, don`t hesitate!

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