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Bright and Top Coffin Nails Designs

Coffin Nails Designs

No woman will allow herself to leave the house without beautifully manicured hands! As a rule, all of them seriously, concern this question beginning from the choice of the length and shape of nails and ending with their color and design. But primarily one should bear in mind that it`s impossible to get an ideal manicure without an appropriate nail shape! That`s why it`s so important in our time to be acquainted with all possible shapes of nails!

Coffin Nails Designs
Coffin Nails Designs

Have you ever experienced any difficulties when a manicurist asked you what nail shape you wanted? Don`t worry! It`s a common situation for almost women. There are so many ways to upgrade your manicure these days! Square nails or round, almond or oval, squoval or stiletto… It`s very easy to get confused in the abundance of nail shapes! But not for those who always want to be trendy! Most modern ladies have the answer in advance! Coffin nails!

This really popular shape of the coffin for nails is the choice number one among those who keep all fashion tendencies! Although coffin nails appeared much earlier they have become popular only a few years ago. What do coffin nails look like? Coffin nails are also known as a ballerina or squareletto nails. They are something like the blend of square and stiletto nails: long, dramatically tapered shape with a squared off tip and a flat top. Most ladies think these nails look best long. The more length you have, the better your manicure will be! Don`t like long nails? Medium length is also possible!

Coffin nails seem to be the most controversial! One people think they are creepy while others say they`re sexy! Someone prefers nude and pastel colors for coffin nails but others think that dark and bright ones are better! Therefore it`s up to you to decide what tendency to choose! Everything depends on what you plan to do: go to an office or the party, meet with friends or get married.

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