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Cute Nails Designs For Spring 2019 You Will Love


Cute Nails:-The ultraviolet became the color of the year 2018. Provocative and mysterious, intriguing and “cosmic”, as experts from the Pantone Color Institute called it, he will reign everywhere: in fashion and design, cosmetics and, of course, in manicure. Well, let’s try on a purple manicure and see what design options the nail art masters offer in 2018.

Imperishable classics – cover in one color. Without drawings, decor and other delights. Not only a thick and rich dark violet color will be fashionable, but varnishes of other violet shades: lavender, lilac, purple, plum, violet, purple. In short, choose which one you like best.

However, geometric patterns also look purple in style and creatively. You can draw an ornament, or you can just create an interesting drawing with stencils – it’s faster and does not require any artistic skills.

Purple has always been associated with luxury and wealth. Not without reason for a long time he was considered only the color of monarchs and emperors! So the rhinestones, beads and brilliant decor on the violet cover look not only beautiful, but also harmonious.

It is not for nothing that experts in color called ultraviolet color “cosmic”.

It really reminds of the infinity of the universe, full of mysteries of the night sky and distant galaxies.

We agree with this and the master of manicure. The “cosmic” design on the nails looks amazing!

summer nail designs 2018

Cute Nails For 2018

To shade the beauty of the purple gel-varnish, you can focus on one nail.

In addition to glitter, it will be interesting to look at the effect of “broken glass”, ombre, drawings, acrylic pattern or sand lacquer

– all in one color range. The main thing is “do not overdo it” – the violet color is complex enough and self-sufficient to tolerate the neighborhood of other flowers or excessive “adornment”.

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