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New Elegant Kente Styles: simply beautiful

New Elegant Kente Styles: simply beautiful. I bring to you more elegant Kente styles you will love like no other. I just love kente. With its intricate designs; you can’t say none but love them. Designers working with kente these days music be awarded. You know why? Ow you don’t know? Well then, let me tell you! Kente is expensive(yes! The woven ones). It can cost around $1000 to $2000 (if you want quality and customised one). The least price you can get for kente is $500. So imagine giving such a cloth to a designer to work on it? The designer would have to work carefully on it and to me being careful is tedious (I’m that reckless?). Some designers use three months to finish with the design and sewing. And the results are what you are going to see here!

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