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Summer Acrylic Nails To Try This Summer 2018

Acrylic nails 2018: trends

You can prepare for the procedure and at home. To carry out a professional manicure, you’ll need an orange stick, cuticle remover, scissors and nail file.

Summer Acrylic Nails

Simplify basic manicure can advance making an oil bath for hands, which not only soften, but also moisturize the skin. So, the basic manicure is ready, now you can safely increase the nails.

Today we will talk about how to nail, as well as discuss what manicure relevant in this season! If you are going to build a cabin, everything is more or less clear; you only have to choose a trendy nail design, which we will discuss later. But for home nail will have to buy a special set of gel polish.

Such a kit for nail design will suit both beginners and professionals, on average it lasts for 100 procedures. Of course, the price will surprise you, but this manicure worth it. Opportunities gel nail kit huge, so you can carry on building tips, adjust the shape and design of nails and do a French manicure at home.

Quality kits for nail must contain a UV lamp for polymerization of the material, as well as various types of gels (clear, white, etc.), Cuticle oil, nail files and so on. Nail 2018 is significantly different from last season. Today in fashion short nails oval and square shapes.

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