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THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN ANKARA STYLES. The best ankara dress styles are absolutely top notch.African fashion with its ankara styles and lace styles popularly known as as “asoebi” are here to stay. They are definitely not going to burnout any time soon. The african print comes in different styles.There is the dashiki styles, kitenge styles,kente styles,kampala styles and the tribal print styles.

It is so much trending that,it is gaining fame in the western world at a great speed. You will find the best of the best ankara dress styles here.

These styles are the latest ankara styles for ladies and the dresses can be worn on special occasions.

As an african purely born and raised in Ghana ,plus coming from a tribe (I’m an Ashanti ) that boasts of a rich culture,African prints appreciation has been deeply instilled in me.

As a child, I always got excited anytime my mom bought me a new African print. It meant I was going to get a new dress to show off. I must say that,the beautiful ankara designs greatly intrigued me.

I mostly wore ankara print dresses to church. Dressing up in a new ankara dress style to church was a big deal at that time. I used to tease my mom that she only went to church to take note of new styles for herself and us(lol). Because, she would approach any one who had an eye catching ankara dress on.

She will first compliment them and then ask for the details of the seamstress who had it sewn for the person (lol). Trust my mom when it comes to the best ankara dress styles.

Those days were absolute fun.

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