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THE LATEST AFRICAN PRINT CLOTHINGS. In recent years, the high rise and demand for african print clothing has been quite overwhelming. Gone are the days where the african print used to be limited to africans in africa only.
Not only is the african print taking the fashion scene by storm but its making africans in the diaspora much more aware of their roots and their culture.

Top celebrities like Beyonce, Gwen stefani,Lady Gaga, Rihana ,Alicia Keys have all been seen rocking their african print in robust styles.

I developed a huge love for african print clothings at a very tender age. I remember i used to be so annoyed with already made dresses especially the ones that came with the hat.( Lol)

But, whenever my mom bought an african print fabric I always got thrilled. It meant i was going to get a custom made dress plus i got to choose the style that i wanted (not without heckling with my mom on the style).

There are a lot of different ankara prints in the market that are easy to get. There is the kitenge,dashiki,kente and the tribal prints.

Top designers like Zara have categorized the prints named them as ethnic prints.
In Africa,especially my home country,Ghana,getting an african print to be custom made is not difficult at all. But, getting a custom made print dress can be quite difficult.

That is why I have rounded up the hottest and best african prints dress styles plus where you can buy them from. You can actually contact some of the sellers to make you a dress style you have seen and want.

Because these dresses are custom made,they are a bit pricy but i assure you that you won’t regret getting your self an ankara dress.

My go to store for custom made african print clothing is Etsy. Etsy can be and is a trusted online platform for hand made products.

I am even tempted to call Etsy an african clothing store.lol

You will find modern african print dresses online on Etsy. If you are skeptical about buying african dresses online,then your safe haven is Etsy.

Without further ado, here is the top hottest african clothing styles for this year.

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