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Top Gorgeous Peacock Nail Design Ideas


Peacock Feather
Top Gorgeous Peacock Nail Design Ideas.
Hey everybody:) Today I have a peacock inspired mani for y’all!
Just a little back round on me, I live in Georgia and out in the country…. I mean like in the middle of no where! So we get a lot of wild life here from deer to wild turkey and yes peacocks. I have never seen the peacock but I sure have heard it, if you don’t know what it sounds like do a search and then you will know, they are super loud and the males have a particular call! So yesterday when I was outside in-between the rain showers I heard the peacock and thought what a great idea for a mani:) Did a search for feathers and got to work! This mani did take a while to finish only because I wanted to give some of the polish time to dry.
Top Gorgeous Peacock Nail Design Ideas .
Look up the term “peacock” and you’ll find something along the lines of: “displaying oneself ostentatiously; strutting like a peacock.” Naturally, it’s a phrase bold beauty-lovers would take as a compliment!

So when we saw that feathered nail art looks — inspired by peacock plumes — are the latest Instagram craze, we quickly got behind it. The first thing we noticed is that these DIY looks are gorgeous on all skin tones, so anyone can try it. Second, we saw just how creative you can be with the colors. While we adore the classic turquoise-and-blue combo, a coral or bright red looks equally as chic. Keep reading to discover the many ways women are interpreting this trend!
src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-9iwgEy827MA/W4FFwfKow4I/AAAAAAAABkk/5DTjedD8UrgeKvGs05-kp2DGD5O7FgXzgCHMYCw/s0/peacock-nail-art-e1487070703357.jp.jpg” border=0>







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