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What Your Hair Parting Says About You


What Your Hair Parting Says About You. The eternal dilemma of any girl is choosing the right parting for herself. A good hairstyle can break or make your look so it would be perfect if you could actually find out a parting which would actually suit you. Perfect parting is an art and if a woman is able to master it, she is done for the day.

Most women do not consider the parting as an important part for their faces. But believe it or not, it can make quite the difference to your look. If you want the focus on your beauty assets, then you should definitely concentrate on your parting. Read on to know which parting will suit you the best way!
If You Have A Long Or An Oval Face:

If your face is either long or oval, you should go for a side parting because it enhances your look. Your face is usually thin, so when you go for a side parting, you will be able to project a slightly wider face. The side parting creates an illusion. Again, choosing the side parting’s side is tricky. To select this, you will need to choose a side and look into the mirror. The side towards which the nose will point will be able to give you the correct idea about your parting.
What Your Hair Parting Says About You.

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