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2019 Beautiful Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas


2019 Beautiful Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas. Blue and purple hair colors can completely sweep you off your feet. There is nothing more extraordinary than dyeing your locks with two of the brightest and the most unnatural hair dyes. Not many women are brave enough to take advantage of these bright shades. But if you’ve made a decision to make an impression while making a statement with your hair, these colors are for you. You might not know how to approach the mix to make the colors look even more striking. That’s why we have a collection to show you the right way.

How to Make Purple Hair Color Last Longer
Purple hair color is very bright, but over time it starts losing its shine. In order to make your purple hair color last longer, you need to do some color-preserving procedures. You have to buy special hair masks that keep the color inside the hair instead of allowing it to be washed out. It’s better to ask your hairstylist for the hair care products they recommend. You also must wash your hair with special shampoo and conditioner for colored locks. Try not to wash your hair too often. Whatever you do, you need to know that purple color will eventually wash out and you’ll need to touch it up.
2019 Beautiful Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

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