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33 Animal Nail Art Prints Designs and Ideas


Nail art is something that enhances the beauty of your nails and looks good in all color combinations and designs. If you are fond of doing creative things, then you will surely love painting your nails with unique and attractive designs. One such popular example is animal nail art prints.Animal nail designs matches well even with the simple outfits and transform your look completely. Animal prints can be done in different designs like – leopard, zebra, dog and so on. Here are some of the best features of animal nail art

Animal Nail Art Prints
Animal Nail Art Prints

Panda nail art is one of the cutest animal nail art prints. A panda with green bushes looks completely different from other designs. You can achieve this elegant look by giving light green base to your nails and then drawing panda’s face on the tips with a combination of white and black colors. Also, you can make your kids happy showing them cute panda design on your nails.

The design only looks graceful when little polka dots are applied on top. You can attain this vibrating look by applying transparent color at the base, highlighting colorful polka dots on top of it and then drawing black cat face with broad eyes till middle part of the nails. The cat on the nail looks adorable and showcases the dominating nature of your personality.

During Easter party time, this bunny rabbit nail art looks extremely fabulous. This amazing design is easy to create and it’s believed that this cute animal nail art prints brings happiness in your life. You can achieve this look by painting the base with light color and drawing rabbit face on tips using dotted tool.

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