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Best 3D Nail Designs: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

3D Nail Designs with Best Tutorial

Nowadays, 3D nail art is trendy again. If you are bored with nail designs with simple patterns, 3D manicure can suit. Exactly this type of manicure is an effective and volume accessory that can be created by any girl. Now every woman tries to show and distinguish themselves, so 3D manicure is quite an extraordinary decorative element.

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

3D Nail Designs: Best Ideas for Decorations
Any easy 3D nail art is performed according to the instruction presented above. But it doesn’t mean that the result will be the same. Beads let create different patterns and pictures on the nails bringing even the most incredible ideas into reality. You should understand that if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to create a complex design. As your skills are developing, you can try to create more interesting compositions using beads of different colors.

But if you are a beginner in creating your own designs, start with stickers and transfer printing for the nails. Simple 3D nail designs is looks beautiful. It is easy to create such design: cover the nail with a base coating, stick a sticker to the nail and cover it with a transparent coating. But if you have some special skills and experience, try an aquarium design. Finally, the last and the simplest option: use polishes with metal pieces and a special magnet. Cover the nail with this polish and place the magnet opposite to the nail plate for ten seconds without waiting for the polish drying. Your design is ready!

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